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On-lineTraining now available!

 Until things get back to normal, I am still training, in your own home, through Facetime or Facebook. For a free 20 minute conversation and evaluation, email me or call 519-572-0986


 What Deb Bailey can do for you as your Personal Trainer

 Now you are ready to make lasting, positive changes to your health and lifestyle. Your next step is to contact  Deb Bailey. Deb is your partner every step of the way to improve your:

  • cardiovascular conditioning

  • muscle strength and endurance

  • flexibility

  • balance

  • nutritional needs 

  • Offering solid support for clients to improve your quality of life and overall health:
  • recovering from injury or dealing with disease or disabilities

  • manage exercise programs for persons with chronic and multiple disabilities, diseases, and orthopaedic problems

  • work with your health professionals to coordinate your exercise health needs

Deb Bailey- Qualified Personal Trainer

Image Deb Bailey Personal Trainer, Kitchener, Ontario Deb has been a Personal Trainer Specialist (CanFitPro) since 2004 and consistently maintains her certifications.

As a Specialist in Post-Rehabilitative Exercise (AFPA) Deb excels in working with clients w ith diabetes, cancer, fibromyalgia, cardiovascular, pulmonary or neuromuscular disorders, orthopaedic disabilities, or multiple chronic conditions to improve your level of physical activity and quality of life.

(MAT) As a Muscle Activation Technique JumpStart Certified Personal Trainer, Deb identifies and eliminates positional weakness that may lead to injury or further compensation. She will use MAT to help correct body alignment to prep the body for the exercises to follow.

Group Fitness Instructor (CanFitPro)

CPR Certified, maintained yearly.

Free 20 minute consultation! or 519-572-0986



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