What do you want from your training program?


It’s all about results. People often say that their goals include losing weight, toning muscle, getting rid of ab fat, feeling better and having more energy. However, most people are unsure of how to get fit or how to keep the gains they’ve made. Often a person goes to a gym, tries out a few cardio machines, watches other people’s workouts, and copies a few exercises without really understanding how to do them properly and safely. 

Working with a personal trainer is a very efficient, productive and safe way to get to your goals. I encourage my clients to incorporate fitness in all aspects of their life, from taking a pleasurable walk around the neighbourhood to doing exercise programs specifically geared towards their needs. I help clients achieve their goals through programs designed for their needs, based on solid understanding of training principles and technique.

Assessment and History

We begin the process by doing a thorough physical assessment and health history, current level of activity, and eating habits. This information allows me to pinpoint areas that need attention, and to choose the right way to go about training you effectively.

What will be in my program?

Your program will include goals for your cardiovascular workouts, a balanced weight-training program which addresses all major muscle groups, worked in real-life movement patterns, and a stretching routine to increase your flexibility.


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