No/Low Equipment Exercises in 10 Easy Steps – How to Pivot to Stripped Down Training


Since the pandemic started, I’ve had to pivot and learn how to train clients and small groups online. It took a beat to understand the best ways to coach online. Turns out it’s a lot of verbal coaching and some demonstration by me, to get the best results for my clients. One of the most challenging situations was taking a small group to virtual training. We’d been doing HIIT training for several years, at my studio. We had access to cable machines, cardio equipment, barbells, tubing – you name it, we could use it – and then we had nothing.

So how can we do HIIT training with almost no equipment? I signed up for Zoom – one piece of the puzzle in place. So I took the time to prepare 10 exercises per week, with little or no equipment. Each member was asked to get these 4 things:

  1. One set of dumbbells, or heavy/medium cans of food
  2. One mat
  3. One small kid’s ball, or a Bender ball
  4. A Set of Gliding Discs, or a pair of heavy-duty paper plates

Here are the top 10 no/low equipment exercises we used in Week One:

  1. DB Squats


  1. Single DB High-Low Chops


  1. DB Bent Over Rows


  1. Biceps 21’s


  1. Glider (Paper Plate) Side Lunges


  1. Bender Ball Crunches


  1. DB Chest Flys


  1. Bender Ball Bridges


  1. Wall or Floor Planks

wallplanks.jpg floorplanks.png

  1. Alternate Lift with Side Sweeps


All these exercises are done with the minimum of equipment and the force of bodyweight – a very powerful tool. Also, check out  HIIT exercises, (High Intensity Interval Training), one of the hottest trends in fitness!

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