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Fit Tip 3 Ankles rock, and roll



Increase the mobility in your ankles by using a foam roller on the back of your legs a few times a week, from your hip muscles down to your calves. This will allow you to stretch them better! Also, in the morning, do some ankle rolls in both directions, and flex and point your foot to increase blood flow and warm up the muscles. These things can have a huge positive impact on your gait, squats, lunges and even basic daily movement.


Fit Tip 2 Steady changes


When you know you need to make changes to your life to get healthier, the list of things to do can seem absolutely overwhelming. Drink more water, count up your fruits and veggies, figure out how much fat you're eating, and what kind, exercise for an hour every day - what pressure! No wonder so many of us just close the door on meaningful change.

Instead, think small changes. Bump up your water intake by 1 glass today, and maintain that until you feel you can add a bit more to your daily intake. This week, add one more vegetable and one more fruit serving each day.

Next week, make a realistic, modest exercise goal. If you say you're going to attend a fitness class five evenings a week, and walk everywhere, that's not very likely to happen. But if you commit to checking out yoga or a walking group at the local community centre once or twice a week, that is much easier to achieve.

So make small, steady changes and you'll be surprised how far you will have gone in a short time!


Fit Tip 1 Mix it up!


If you are bored during your workouts, or you're watching the clock during cardio, try these four tips to boost the fun factor in your workouts!

Get outside. Lose the timer on your treadmill, and take your walk or run outside. Enjoy the scenery and fresh air. Set yourself a geographical goal ("I'm going to the park and back") instead of a timed goal. Take a different route and destination each time. and if it rains on you, then you know you can work out even in bad weather - or anytime! 

Try a completely different type of exercise. Never done yoga, or adult volleyball? Check out your local community centre for options.

Create a playlist for your mp3 player that will keep you moving fast and that will take your mind off the work-out. Do a bunch of songs that you've loved forever with a strong beat, and you want to sing along to.

Find a work-out buddy who is in better shape than you are (yet). You will work harder and push yourself to where you want to be.


So try out these tips and shake up your work-outs!


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