Frustrated with Progress ? Fit Tip #6

Are you frustrated because you're not seeing much change even though you're working out regularly and eating better? The first thing to look at is what you are doing for weight training, and when you're changing it up.

The mind loves the status quo, but the body needs regular change! During an eight-week program, the weight (load) for each exercise should increase every couple of weeks or so. After a while of the same old weights and exercises, the body says, "Oh, right, I know what's coming, because I've been doing this stuff for months now. I can take it easy - not work so hard!" and that translates into fewer calories burned, less muscle mass gained, and little progress.

Every couple of weeks, up the weight one or two pounds. And at the end of eight weeks, it's time to get a new program going. If you were doing squats in the first program, do them on a BOSU, or try lunges combined with an upper body exercise. Build on the skills learned in the first program, but challenge yourself in the next eight weeks to bigger and better heights.

So challenge yourself to up the ante and look for those results!

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