How to Use Negative Rewards for Motivation-Fit Tip #8 

How can you stay motivated to get your workouts done? Studies show that a negative reward is key to
lighting a fire under us. That means picking something that you really like to do, or something you want
to buy (stay away from "treat foods" as motivation, please). For instance, if you have your eye on that
new electronic accessory that's on sale this week, commit to your full workout/nutrition goals for the
week. If you don't do the work, you don't get to buy it. Period.

We also respond well to financial "fines".

You can put $20-30 aside in an envelope for the week, in $5
bills. At the end of the week, for each goal you didn't do, you have to subtract $5 from your money, and
put it in the pot for next week - you can't spend it this week.

Check out the PACT app, free in the iTunes store. There are three different Pacts you can commit to:

Gym Pact, Veggie Pact, and Food Logging Pact. It's up to you which one(s) to commit to. Check it out -
and let me know how it's going for you!


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