Snack Attack! FIT TIP #13

Don't forget the most important meal of your day! No, I don't mean breakfast, although that's very important too.
I'm talking about the small meal or snack you need to eat after your workout, preferably within a half-hour. This food should include 10-15 grams of protein, animal or plant-based, and 20-30 grams of good-quality carbohydrates, with little or no fat.

Some of you may balk at eating after a workout, because you feel you'd be undoing the calorie burn you just got. But you have to take in enough carbs to prompt a release of insulin, which sends the carbs and amino acids into your recovering muscles. This help repair the muscle tissue damaged through exercise.
Right after your workout, your muscles are at their peak ability to take in nutrients. So chow down on that recovery meal!


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