Maximize Your Workout Time -Fit tip #11

Do you ever wonder where your workout time went? Even with your workout chart right in front of you, somehow the time got away from you. Hints to tighten your timeline:

Cut the chatter. If you see a friend in the gym, say hi, and then say bye! S/he will understand, since a workout is why you're both there.

Pack your workout bag the night before in your down time. You'll do a better job of remembering what to pack when you are in evening mode.

Focus, focus, focus! We need to concentrate on our three sets of 15, not on what's going on around you. A better body is the best thing to take home, not the latest world news. 

Ask your trainer about circuit training. Moving continuously from one exercise to another shortens your rest time, and gets you out of there sooner. Use a timer to monitor your rest times. Without a timer, before you know it you'll have wasted time you could have used to get another set or exercise done.


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