Deb Bailey AFPA, MAT, CanFitPro, YMCA

Fit Tip #7

How  can you make sure to effectively work the muscle or muscle group you are targeting? Get a mental  image of the muscle and its movement pattern. Focus on how the movement is supposed to go, and the
mental image will translate to you doing it right. For example, if you are doing a lat pull down, position yourself in a slightly leaned-back position, grip the handles, brace your core, and visualize your lats
pulling down and toward your spine. This will help you to engage the big back muscles first, and then the smaller helper muscles such as the biceps, shoulders and teres major. Picture it perfect!


If you are bored during your workouts, or you're watching the clock during cardio, try these four tips to boost the fun factor in your workouts!

1. Get outside. Lose the timer on your treadmill, and take your walk or run outside. Enjoy the scenery and fresh air. Set yourself a geographical goal ("I'm going to the park and back") instead of a timed goal. Take a different route and destination each time. and if it rains on you, then you know you can work out even in bad weather - or anytime!

2. Try a completely different type of exercise. Never done yoga, or adult volleyball? Check out your local community centre for options.

3. Create a playlist for your mp3 player that will keep you moving fast and that will take your mind off the work-out. Do a bunch of songs that you've loved forever with a strong beat, and you want to sing along to.

4. Find a work-out buddy who is in better shape than you are (yet). You will work harder and push yourself to where you want to be. So try out these tips and shake up your work-outs!

 Fit Tip 4

 Do you sit a lot at work? When that happens, we lose some of our ability to extend our legs behind and squeeze our glutes (butt muscles). A couple of times a day, stand up and hold onto a sturdy structure, like a non-rolling chair or shelf - something that won't move when you do. Stand up tall, stand on one leg, and take your other leg straight out behind you, squeezing the glutes. Hold for 5 seconds, and repeat for a total of 10 times. Repeat on the other leg. This will help to refocus your posture and reactivate your glutes and hip extension function.


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