Deb Bailey AFPA, MAT, CanFitPro, YMCA

Muscles involved: deltoids, triceps, pectorals, trapezius

Form: sit on bench, hips and knees flexed to 90˚, braced core, DBs in hands, flex elbows to 90˚, upper arms parallel to floor, palms facing outward. Inhale, and then exhale as you push the DBs straight up overhead, directly over the shoulders. Lower to start position.


Cautions: ensure a braced core, good grip on the DBs. This exercise may be contraindicated for people with hypertension or shoulder injuries, and other exercises such as DB supine chest press or front shoulder raises may be substituted.

Trainer techniques: make sure there is a natural curve in the lumbar spine, cue the anterior delts and pectorals, and breathing. Assess the positions of the spine and pelvis, scapulae, and the elbow movement. Spot with your hands under the client’s elbows, or at his wrists.


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