Exercise, Nutritional Guidance, Motivation   

 Certified: AFPA, MAT, CanFitPro

  Kitchener, Ontario   519-572-0986


Personal Trainer Deb Bailey, Kitchener


 What Deb Bailey can do for you as your Personal Trainer

 Now you are ready to make lasting, positive changes to your health and lifestyle. Your next step is to contact  Deb Bailey. Deb is your partner every step of the way to improve your:

  • cardiovascular conditioning

  • muscle strength and endurance

  • flexibility

  • balance

  • nutritional needs 

  • Offering solid support for clients to improve your quality of life and overall health:
  • recovering from injury or dealing with disease or disabilities

  • manage exercise programs for persons with chronic and multiple disabilities, diseases, and orthopaedic problems

  • work with your health professionals to coordinate your exercise health needs





Deb Bailey Personal Trainer - in Home (Now On-line!)
Phone: 519-572-0986
Kitchener, Ontario

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Deb can work with you either in the Kitchener studio, in your own home or virtually over various platforms.