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Several years ago I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis. Part of the problem may have been that during my lifetime I was never given any form of exercise and I was advised to seek a personal trainer and because of recommendations I chose Deb Bailey. I have a mobility problem, a balance problem,severe tightening of the muscles and core problems. Deb helps me immensely in coping with these problems, and improving core strength and balance. She recommended that I have a Personal Trainer like her when I was out of the country for 3 months...that way I would have a trainer year round.My trainers exercise me to the extent possible and a good part of this program,(an important part) is to get me on the table for stretching 2 hours a week. Deb has been excellent and if anyone would like to call me to discuss any of the above my name is Philip Rason. Email is .
Philip Rason.

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Personal Trainer Specialist (CanFitPro)

As an experienced Personal Trainer Specialist, Deb will help you with your personal goals, from weight loss and strengthening to improved health and energy. Deb will help you include fitness into your busy life and make good health a priority. A sound base of knowledge and experience allow Deb to create safe, practical and effective programs for you, whether you are new to fitness or more advanced.
Post-Rehabilitative Exercise Specialist (AFPA)

As a Post-Rehab Exercise Specialist, Deb brings exercise as medicine for clients with a wide range of disease and disability, with a solid understanding of orthopaedic problems. Whether you are coping with disease such as diabetes, cancer, fibromyalgia, cardiovascular, pulmonary or neuromuscular disorders, orthopaedic disabilities, or multiple chronic conditions, Deb can help you use exercise to improve your level of physical activity and quality of life.
(MAT) Jumpstart Certified Personal Trainer
Muscle Activation Technique (MAT) views muscle tightness as secondary to muscle weakness, and is a systematic approach that identifies and addresses muscular imbalances and weaknesses that can lead to inefficient function, pain, or injury. MAT is designed to correct body alignment in order to prepare the body for what you are asking it to do.
As a Muscle Activation Technique JumpStart Certified Personal Trainer, Deb is able to identify and eliminate positional weakness that may lead to injury or further compensation. She will use MAT to help correct body alignment to prep the body for the exercises to follow.
Group Fitness Instructor (YMCA)
CPR Certified




Deb Bailey works with you in-studio and in-home around the K-W area. 

She can be contacted by email here

Or at  

Phone: 519-742-7615

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